The Influence of Technology

In the 1980s, advertisements for brands were mostly done on paper for example magazines and newspapers.

Maybelline’s Eyeshadow Advertisement

Back in those days, all these advertisements were so appealing to us. In the 2000s technology became more advanced, more interactive and more engaging. These advertisements appeared more on social media sites and online media. Brands were able to engage with users online to understand their needs and innovate with more products that would sell in the market.

Now, technology became more advanced and people become more demanding, wanting more authentic content and products, this made marketers become more driven to come up with new ways to engage the audience. An example, Rihanna. She is a celebrity, who made use of media marketing so well to release her cosmetics line Fenty Beauty. I felt that she was a genius when she released news of her makeup line during New York Fashion Week. It was free marketing for her because to speak of her launch at such a big event, reporters and the media would do the advertising for her.

Beauty Gurus and Fans made YouTube tutorials about Fenty Beauty

Social media made advertising much simpler and engaging for consumers. Make up tutorials and reviews on YouTube allows people to feel more emotion and YouTuber’s honest feelings would spread either positive or negative feelings to their fans. Fans would then spread the news through word of mouth.

Fenty Beauty Instagram page

As shown in the above picture, this is Fenty Beauty’s Instagram page, Rihanna uses Instagram stories as highlights to introduce her products in a more visual and engaging way. Watching a short clip is more interactive than looking at a picture. In comparison with an advertisement before year 2000 discussed earlier, a reader would not be able to visualise how the product would look on a person. However, now all that is possible. She also made make up tutorial videos and wore her products to events, this way it increases her brand awareness, she is a true marketer.

Rihanna engaging her fans with Instagram

With the power of social media, Rihanna is able to communicate with her fans, to keep up with current trends as well as their needs. In fact she does make up tutorials with her make up line frequently, take a look at the video below!

Digital technology has definitely overtaken traditional ways. Will you be the next?


14 thoughts on “The Influence of Technology

  1. Really enjoyable read. Its really a refreshing out-take onto how technology has been constantly changing over the years. The speed at which it does is really impressive as well! Nice use of examples and all that, and I could relate to what this blog piece was about!

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    1. Thank you! Technology has been amazing, just looking back at how the advertisements were 30 years ago vs now, clearly shows how much it has advanced. Technology brought marketing to a new scale, to have more interaction with people on social media and not just appear on TV, magazines. Glad that it was relatable to you:)


  2. Agreed! Digital Marketing is going to be the next big thing! Usage of social media platforms to market products or services has made it much more effective and efficient compared to the old days. This has also allowed a greater reach to your target audience and keeping up with the latest trends will continue to make your content engaging. This would in return garner loyal customers 🙂 Great example to show how social media has changed marketing!

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    1. Yes I agree with you! Digital marketing enables the user to be more engaged and have more interaction, besides its the digital era now, everyone owns at least a social media and spends some time looking through it daily! Internet sped things up, so the message from the marketers will reach the consumers quickly and efficiently. Having videos makes it more interesting as compared to just a picture too! 🙂


  3. Good read! It’s amazing how social media platforms can be turned into a business platform and can also keep in close contact with people.

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    1. Yes! It really is, businesses nowadays utilise social media platforms to reach out to their audience because social media is such a powerful tool. In the past it didn’t exist so marketing was less efficient because it was harder to appeal to the audience. However its different now, its easier and its everywhere ! A way to connect consumers to the marketers and businesses 🙂


  4. It is amazing to see how technology has come this far, achieving what is deem impossible last time. With features such as live video, it enables the marketers to have a live interaction with the target audience. This really brings about a lot of possibilities and convenience for both marketers and consumers. Great use of Rihanna and her beauty brand as an example to demonstrate how social media can even be used as a business platform. Overall a good read!

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  5. Thank you:)! Indeed it is, social media has been amazing, having more interaction makes consumers feel closer to the brand/product. This creates a sense of love, belonging and self actualisation when the consumer can relate. The Web has revolutionized over the years to be better, faster and more engaging! It has become a greater business platform.


  6. Insightful read! It is so amazing to see how brands have leveraged social media, which was initially a personal virtual space, into a platform for marketing products, communicating their value propositions and facilitate interaction with their consumers!

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    1. Thank you :)! Social media platforms made it possible to connect consumers and marketers, it is currently a must have platform, thus many companies utilise this to create content for their consumers. For example on Instagram, Shopify made shopping for products even simpler! Using a familiar interface, consumers use daily, it value adds to the purpose of social media marketing.


  7. It is no doubt that digital technology is thriving in this era. Cosmetics products can be costly, where consumers want to make sure that their money are well spent, as it is impossible to buy and try all the different brands to know which are the better ones. This technology helps to bring about a community and reviews where consumers can share their views on the various products. What I found to be really useful is when consumers share a photo of them with the applied product, you will have a better idea on how it looks on the skin. Some products may look attractive on the packaging, but appears different when applied onto the skin. I will normally search and look for cosmetics products online as opposed to the traditional ways, as it is much faster and reliable. Do you think that there are still people who uses the traditional way in this modern world?

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  8. I definitely agree with you, I personally do the same. It takes up too much time to be trying out every product in store not knowing how it would look on my skin, so it could be a good product or a bad one. Sourcing for information online makes it simpler, looking for reviews on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube is quite useful too, with real reviews it will better help potential users make a decision if it is worth the money to purchase the product. I believe that there are people who still uses traditional methods, because besides knowing good products, it is necessary for a user to try it on the skin. This will allow them to have a feel of its texture and if it matches the skin combination. In another context if it were a smartphone or laptop, it is different from what’s shown online, there may be user interface portions that make a user dislike it, for example its usability or the laptop’s keyboard to the screen monitor displays. Ultimately, I feel that both traditional and digital methods go hand in hand, with such a wide array of products in the world, online methods quicken the selection process. Traditional methods plays a bigger role for high involvement items!

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  9. It is amazing to see how technology has progressed with the example of how advertisements used to be done. When social media was discovered in the late 1990s I remember the time people started to take an interest in blogging, it was a journal for their everyday life. Those that got famous then became influencers, where clients would sponsor them items for them to advertise and review about. To see how Fenty Beauty made use of social media to promote items, Rihanna really showed the world how to utilise social media platforms. Get ready with me videos on YouTube really engages me especially when I see celebrities looking normal, yet with the use of cosmetics they become celebrities. I feel that social media really made a change to the marketing industry, and if I were a marketer I would go towards this direction too. However, will it be effective or will it be regarded as spam because the audience is not interested?


    1. I share the same thoughts as you! 🙂 Social media made a difference to the marketing industry and it allowed consumers to better understand the message being portrayed into campaigns and advertisements. Surely, it will be regarded as spam if the audience does not enjoy a specific category. For instance, I am an avid fan of beauty related categories, I would watch anything related to beauty because it sparks my interest. However if I were to receive advertisements related to sports like boxing, or new game release news while browsing my social media, it is definitely a spam to me. I would not look through it I’d just skip the advertisement. However, as a marketer it is possible to target an audience who has interest in specific categories, based on the cookies it is possible to track a user’s most visited sites to see what kind of categories interests the consumer. With this, marketers can better cater content to these users on new products and news!


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