Smartphones, a Need

When someone mentions smartphone, what comes to your mind? Apple’s iPhone of course! Have you wondered why Apple has been so successful?

Apple Products made to bring Consumers more Convenience

Apple has constantly been creating new products to make the life of their consumers more efficient. Other brands do sell smartphones but Apple’s brand presence is far stronger although more expensive. They have a competitive edge over its competitors, by creating their own softwares and compatible devices specially made for their products, this is their business model.

Apple is very exclusive when it comes to their target market, the consumers that they want to appeal to. They make the best product for the best. They aim to target consumers who are young, high earners and are high achievers. The Millennials, because they spend a lot of time on the internet and social media as compared to other demographics.

Apple also became a product one would require to achieve a different social status, which made more people want Apple.

Consumers with Apple IPhones

Apple knows that consumers are becoming more exposed to technology. Therefore they have been creating the best user experience through vertically integrated models, building platforms for content on Apple devices and also expanding the network of retail stores.

When the user experience is great, consumers are willing to pay premium pricing for the products that will change their lives.

Apple uses Social Media Marketing uniquely to connect with their customers. They only release news of new products on Twitter and FaceBook, consumers will not be able to leave comments there as there are sub-teams that will address the problems. They are most active on Instagram whereby the posts are pictures taken with iPhones, inducing consumers to buy their products in order to take such great shots. YouTube videos are released to engage consumers with upcoming releases.

Apple’s loyal customers remain because of the experiential value that they provide in their services and product. They feel good about using the product and worth the money. They also selected the ‘recruit and empower’ marketing strategy, celebrities have a wide social media reach and the advertisement or news of products would spread quickly.

Take a look at the video they did to introduce the new iPhones, it is done with impacts to grab your attention. It definitely captured mine, did it catch yours?Are you an Apple user, if you aren’t one yet, did this video change your mind?


12 thoughts on “Smartphones, a Need

  1. Insightful take onto Apple’s success! Personally, I still wouldn’t use an Iphone due to its reputation for being bent easily and its screens cracking easily and whatnot. But still, despite these pieces of news, it is really impressive that Apple is still dominating the market today!

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    1. I understand where you are coming from! However, Apple is really creative in using their social media platforms, to create suspense before launches and showing the world how to use their products. Or have consumers use their products for them, and they post it on YouTube. Their Instagram feed isn’t like the usual brands where they just show pictures of their products and press releases. It shows how pictures can be taken with iPhone’s camera and filters, the special features other phones do not have. It is more engaging from a consumer’s point of view !


  2. I was once an Apple iPhone user and there is no denying to their success. Who would have thought the leading manufacturer of personal computer to have stepped into the mobile industry? I still remember when Apple first introduced its first ever iPhone in 2007, it really shock the smartphone industry. Apple has completely redefined the aspects of the smartphone. It is really amazing to see how Apple still stays as one of the top smartphone company to date. Great read!

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    1. Yes, it was definitely unexpected! It entered with a bang, and everyone went crazy over it, the hype, it was the ‘in’ and trendy must have phone. Besides creating the iPhone, Apple creates very creative content for users, nice photography with in-built filters, news of new product launches on YouTube, along with its special features. It made people wait for its new launches and people would queue for the products overnight!

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    1. Yes, me too! Apple’s interface makes it easier for me to use because I’m using a Macbook. I would like to highlight how Apple advertises their products on their social media platforms, at the same time in movies, where its a must have to be a ‘cool’ kid, the brand image Apple portrays was what consumers want, minimalistic.


  3. I’m forever a Samsung user haha! I did use the iPhone before (iPhone 4) and I could understand why it is so popular. No doubt the OS is stable and the performance is of optimal quality. But what sets Android apart from Apple is the flexibility of customizing your phone according to your needs in terms of the software. Apple’s OS i would say is too rigid for my liking, but nonetheless a powerful smartphone 🙂

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    1. Yes, I understand where you are coming from, in fact I believe android supports gaming applications better compared to iOS. However Apple’s way of marketing is rather interesting, it leaves people to wonder why they make it that way. I suppose they knew what direction each social media is for and it’s sole purpose!


  4. The design of Apple has always captured my heart despite the fact that it is costly to own one. Apple adopts the concept of minimalist where the design is simple, sleek yet beautiful. Even in the OS software itself, it is simple to use, backing up with powerful specs. The recent release of the iPhone XS has completely remove the home button for the iPhone, with the screen itself executing all the functions that you need. This is definitely an evolution to Apple, as the phone is made simpler and cooler. Imagine a phone with only the lock button and the volume buttons, where you have a full touchable screen which makes it look like an advanced technology. Apple has always met the expectations of the consumers, where they wouldn’t mind the hefty price just to get one. I have always been looking forward to their new release, and after watching the video I know that Apple never fails to be innovative to come up with better designs each time. Personally, I would totally get the latest iPhone if financial capability allows, what about you? Will you get one even if you are not drawing a high pay every month?

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    1. I will still be an Apple user, because I like the interface and I do not like to create shortcuts to customise my apps. I would like to highlight on how they market their products! It makes the public want to own one because its cool, its sleek, and Apple is always a step ahead when it comes to innovation. Owning an iPhone becomes a social status, even if the user is not rich, owning an iPhone would boost self confidence and status.

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  5. Interesting read! I never knew Apple segmented their social media platforms in such a way until after reading your post. Its interesting how Apple is different. Instead of how other brands do marketing, where their social media platforms are flooded with advertisements and teasers. Apple posts tutorials and the experience consumers will experience if they use their products, high quality pictures and in-built filters. No wonder people are always waiting for Apple’s new launches. Do you think Apple’s strategy works?

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  6. Yes, i believe it works because it targets an emotional factor, for consumers to experience and feel the product’s functionality instead of all the wow factors shown on advertisements. It makes people curious yet learn how to use the products accurately. Social media allows news to be spread really quickly and for users to share to friends and family. Other brands way of marketing is not wrong, it just does not show how people can make full use of the product alone, whereas photos from existing users shows that it is possible to take good pictures. It is true that normal users are able to achieve the photos Apple portrays on their advertisements, it isn’t just photoshop.


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