Starbucks, a Step Into The Future

There are many types of mobile social media classification, with reference to the table above. With the advancement of technology, mobile has allowed applications to be more location-sensitive, therefore more people use space-timers application to advertise, for example dining areas or the location of consumer’s activities. People want to know information quicker as well, so they opt for quicker methods such as quick-timers and space-timers. Starbucks mobile application is an example of a quick-timer, where they update promotions and new launches on their social media platforms.

Starbucks heard their customers needs and they came up with mobile marketing techniques that engaged their coffee lovers. Starbucks has a strong customer base because it is located everywhere and this brings convenience to users, the 1-for-1 promotions makes it even harder to resist.

Mobile marketing statistics in 2018 showed that 90% of users who own smart phones use apps more than browsers. Therefore consumers are more open to mobile apps compared to mobile sites.

Starbucks came up with a ‘mobile order and pay’ service. Through the app, users would be able to pay for their drinks online. They can also make orders beforehand, for example maybe while still in the office, users can make their order first instead of waiting in the queue at the store.

The rewards system is also really attractive, the more you buy the more rewards you can redeem. Free refills and customisation is available too!

What is even better is the Starbucks app is synced with Spotify so the music played in store can be saved into your playlist. Students who study at Starbucks, good news for you!

Creating a good user experience for customers makes the business increase it’s brand position. When people talk about coffee naturally one would think of Starbucks and not Coffee Bean. This is because they keep coming up with new ways to bring more convenience to their customers and are moving forward with the use of better technology.

They even generate useful user-generated content, things that a user would want to know and not spam notifications. They follow the trend, nowadays users spend a lot of time on their mobile phones, so creating marketing techniques for mobiles was very effective. Users will buy more and this generates more sales for Starbucks.

Starbucks targets mainly 2 groups of people, the Victims and the Patrons. Victims are people who receive information and messages from Starbucks as the company is aware of them without permission because they are already members of the Starbucks community. Patrons willingly give their consent to Starbucks to contact them because they want updates and news of promotions.

The Starbucks mobile app falls under Quick-timers in the mobile social media applications classification. Where Starbucks would post news on mobile devices through their app, increasing immediacy and spread quicker at the same time become more user friendly.

Personally, I don’t fancy coffee but being part of the Starbucks loyalty program and their efficient marketing efforts. Whenever there is 1-for-1 promotions, I would go ahead and get it because the pricing makes Starbucks more affordable. Paying through the Starbucks app allows me to collect stars as well! Do you use the Starbucks app too?


12 thoughts on “Starbucks, a Step Into The Future

  1. Very interesting to note how Starbucks are able to tailor their digital strategies according to what their customers want. It is commendable that they seem to be able to react to the changing times by incorporating mobile marketing into their business! It’s no wonder why they have remained at the top for so long.

    On a personal note, I do find myself reacting to Quick Timer apps due to its efficiency. I do find it very useful!

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    1. Thank you! 🙂 Quick timer apps allows users to receive data quickly and be updated instantly, I suppose its the most common type of mobile app majority of us are using most now. Other brands are also moving towards mobile apps, shopping applications especially, to allow consumers to view thousands of products easily according to consumer preferences. This way it allows consumers to find what they want, at the same time if they enjoy the experience it means more customer loyalty!


  2. The 1 for 1 promotions always seem to get me and I will always expect a long queue waiting for me 😦 Starbucks has really shown how implementing mobile marketing to their business can achieve positive results. I personally do not use the Starbucks app but I have seen their loyalty program and it does help to achieve customer retention. As you mentioned about having a user friendly experience for their customers, it does generate what I feel is vital in every business: “Customer Value”. How much value you bring to your customers will determine how much money you bring in 🙂 Good read!

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    1. Thank you :)! Definitely, the queues are always really long but really worth it, paying half the price as compared to full priced Starbucks. Maybe you could start if you enjoy Starbucks! That’s the benefit of mobile applications, a user friendly experience for their customers. Being easy to use and achieving what they desire, adds on to customer value, I agree with you absolutely. I suppose this is why many brands have moved to mobile marketing also because many people are on their phones most of the time compared to other devices. Moreover, the purchases will be stored in the application, so users who want to buy the same item can do so, recommendations would also be possible for these customers to allow them to try more variety.


  3. I am not a user of the Starbucks reward app but I have seen the success of their loyalty program through people around me. The different tier of membership really acts as a motivation to encourage re-purchase. As customers gradually move up the tier, new benefits are also being unlocked for them. This has made the loyalty program a joyful experience for consumers and thus increasing customer retention. It is no surprise why Starbucks is able to remain as the top coffee chain in the world. Good read!

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    1. Besides the loyalty program, it allows users to order their drinks without being at the store first, and to customise the drinks accordingly. The different tier definitely acts as a motivation because of the difference in privileges offered! Allowing customers to be able to create what they want is essential to keeping the hearts of the customers. This factor will be the reason why other industries are moving towards mobile marketing.


  4. Yeah, I agree that how the ‘mobile order and pay’ service brings convenience to me so that I can order in the office first and I don’t have to wait in the long queue. Not to forget the 1-for-1 Starbucks drinks never fail to get my attention, even if I have no coffee cravings I still gave in to it. Starbucks is always running ahead in technology advancement! 🙂

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    1. In the food industry, Starbucks is ahead of its competitors when it comes to technology and utilising mobile applications. There are so many features in it, for users to find information and receive notifications on Starbucks. Starbucks’s repetitive 1-for-1 promotions left consumers thinking of Starbucks when 1-for-1 is mentioned. Its a good marketing strategy too. Quick-timer apps do appeal more to consumers because the time-sensitivity is high. Time is important!


  5. There are many restaurants and shops using ‘quick timer’ to keep consumers updated with the latest offers. Who doesn’t like discounts or freebies. This is a very good strategy to attract the consumers time to time. You may not be feeling for a cup of coffee from Starbucks today, but a notification to say that there is a discount or a newly launched drink may just change your mind. There is always a hype around a newly launched drink, where people will rush to get one to share on their social medias. As these drinks are only for limited period, consumers will at least try it once which is a boost to Starbucks revenue on top of their usual drinks. As a Starbucks coffee lover myself, the app which lets me collect points, have an subconscious effect on me. I am unable to find an excuse not to buy my coffee, as I can redeem a free coffee just after a few buys which is not a bad deal after all. I think that it will be good to implement a tier system where individual who buys Starbucks coffee more frequently can enjoy greater benefits. Do you think it will be fair to all the Starbucks members or everyone should be equal?

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    1. Yes, the use of promotions to influence impulse purchases always happens to consumers like me. Hype of new releases when subscribers receive notifications on their phones so everyone would be looking at the same piece of news. If there’s a new bubble tea store in town, everyone would be queueing to try it, new phone release or shoes release, people would be queueing overnight to buy it. I feel that having the tier system is good because the more a consumer spends, there ought to be better perks to keep the consumer spending more. If everyone has equal privileges, i’m sure Starbucks sales would be decreasing. Mobile applications speed up the news of new launches, for example Adidas x Kanye West collaboration for Yeezy’s, and Nike’s Air Jordan shoes, they get sold out in an hour because everyone was waiting for the release to buy the shoes, either to wear it or to resell for a higher value. Mobile marketing can be a profit making platform too.

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  6. I do use the Starbucks App, it makes it so convenient to pay with my phone instead of cash or swiping my card. News about Starbucks promotions and new drinks from the app allows me to enjoy my favourite drink at discounted rate. The rewards system is also very appealing to me because sometimes there are mini games to earn more stars so I can redeem food or drinks from Starbucks! Mobile marketing is very useful for a mobile user like me. I am on my phone more than anything else, so receiving news here is more effective to garner my knowledge and attention. Mobile marketing is the next thing companies should focus on don’t you think?

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  7. Mobile marketing should be focused on. Studies have shown that people spend a sufficient amount of time on their mobile phones, be it to play games, read, surf the net, shopping, etc. Marketing becomes more efficient and effective when marketers dive in, into the consumer’s space, their mobiles. It can become part of the consumer’s lifestyle when they get accustomed to receiving notifications from their subscriptions or applications they have downloaded, for news they are interested in. This will also create better customer loyalty because there will be new products to spark interest in existing customers.


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