What is SEO? Is it Dead or Evolving?

Unlike many headlines stating that “SEO is Dead”, I disagree because I feel that SEO is evolving.

Searching for information on Google, search engine.

Search Engine is a program that collects and organises data all over the internet, at the same time allow users to find information on the internet. We can search for anything and everything on a search engine, and matching results will be made available.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of getting traffic flow from search results/engines. The higher the traffic, the better the company’s position. It is organic, once a website reaches the number one spot in the search results, the goal is achieved.

People claim that ‘SEO is Dead‘ because it is an easier term compared to expressing how it is evolving. With technology, traditional SEO is shifting towards higher quality content.

Have you searched for information yet not being able to find the answer you’re looking for? This is a common problem amongst everyone, creating a perception that SEO is ineffective, because of the amount of spams and irrelevant posts that appear in search results. These results do not bring real value to users. Keyword stuffing and low quality content will also appear.

When searching for a restaurant to dine at, do you use google, social media or take advice from friends? Personally I’d ask friends and read reviews made on social media because information gathered is quicker and more genuine, blog posts appearing on search engines tend to be sponsored posts. Therefore, people claim that SEO is dead, alternatives are appearing and people are going towards social media for a more real experience.

Using search engine to do online shopping

However, as a marketer, SEO is important and useful to keep track of web traffic. SEO also allows a high user intent, fast results, in-depth measurability analysis and also a greater brand awareness. Advertising on search engines are easier to implement, users will still search for information on search engines because there is a larger amount of data available. Marketers will be able to analyse the number of clicks to the websites to keep track. Consumer behaviour can be assessed based on the webpages visited, allowing companies to better understand the trend and current needs of their target market. Voice search from smart devices eg, google home, amazon echo will generate more web traffic when the user asks for information.

Google has also purged spams and low quality content, minimising keyword stuffing as well. To give users a better experience and information they need. If SEO is truly dead there will be no platform to find high quality information.

Internet Measuring Metrics

Internet measuring metrics are essential to measure and evaluate the success of marketing efforts online. There are a few ways to measure, I will be talking about my top 3 choices.

Firstly, Overall website traffic, the higher the website traffic, the more successful the campaign. Measuring overall website traffic will allow the marketer to analyse the campaigns that are more engaging and more popular. If website traffic is poor, it might be because of google algorithm penalty, broken links, poor content that does not appeal to the audience.

Secondly, New vs Returning users, the higher the number of returning visitors, means that the content is suitable for them and they enjoy reading it. New users will benefit organic traffic monitoring. This will create a sense of loyalty towards the website/brand.

Thirdly, Engagement Rate, this factor determines interaction between writer and users. It can be measured from the sum of the number of views, shares, likes, comments, upvotes, etc. generated by a content piece. This is essential because if engagement rate is low, consumers will not be returning and they will feel less connected to the brand. For example, in the cosmetics industry, reviews are very important. Reviews made by purchasers and makeup gurus on youtube, Instagram, blogs, allows potential users to analyse if the product is worth the hype and money. Existing users can comment on the product’s functionality on their skin and potential users would be able to make a decision after reading their honest reviews

Pepsi’s halftime show at the Super Bowl

Successful Campaigns
Pepsi’s campaign at the Super Bowl in 2017 garnered 555,675 interactions with the audience. It was really successful because after the event, especially with its guest singer Lady Gaga.

BTS as FIFA Spokesmen

Coca-Cola selected K-Pop group BTS as FIFA World Cup spokesmen in 2018, this garnered 1,005,475 conversations, it became the talk of the town. With the number of likes, shares and comments from this 2 campaigns, it was needless to say that the campaign was successful because of the data collected, after measuring internet metrics.

Failed Pepsi Campaign

Failed Campaign

The campaign had a low number of views, it had around the same number of likes and dislikes, viewers commented that the message of the campaign wasn’t clear so it was a waste of time. Pepsi had a successful campaign with Lady Gaga performing at the Super Bowl, they also had an advertisement that sparked controversy over protests, and these were measured through the interactions of users with their thoughts.

I feel that SEO is evolving to complement technology advances, internet measuring metrics help to determine if SEO is successful and this helps companies analyse their marketing efforts. Do you think SEO is dead or is it alive? Is measuring internet metrics useful? Let me know your thoughts below !